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Alliance International is a leading pulp and paper machinery supplier including paper machinery consumables. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery including Doctor Baldes Systems.

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We provide a wide variety of quality paper machine shower system filters .
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Application Of Gve Filters In Pulp & Paper

  Filteration Range
Clarified white water 30-100 mesh
Dye 60-400 mesh
Fresh water 30-200 mesh
Ground Decker Recycle 20-60 mesh
Mill water 60-100 mesh
River water 20-400 mesh
Starch size 20-100 mesh
Titanium Dioxide 100-200 mesh
Calcium Carbonate 30-100 mesh
Latex 40-100 mesh
Shower system Filters

Benefits & Features Of Gve filter

Gve Filters

Quality Filltration/Robust filter Element:

Quick release couplers at the outlet of the body connection of filter unit facilitate easy removal of filter element for cleaning. The filtering element can be diassembled very quickly and does not need any tool. This saves time and labour

Backwashing Cleaning Duplex and Multiplex filters are designed for continuous operation as individual units are connected to headers and hence can be offstreamed while other units are in operation. This enables to check & clean individual filtering unit without shutting down the process. Backwashing cleaning saves the cost of labour of manually cleaning each element and eliminates spillage problems. The entire backwashing process on a Multiplex Filter can be fully automated to reduce operator involvement and improve process control.
Multiplex Filter, Duplex Filter


Single : Max Line Pressure : 120 PSI
Duplex & Multiplex : 120 PSI to 150 PSI

Paper Machine filters

Wire Mesh filters

Mesh or Equivalent Mesh Nominal Particle Reterntion Percentage Open Are
Inches Microns
10 0.065 1650 56%
20 0.035 890 46%
30 0.023 585 41%
40 0.015 380 36%
60 0.009 230 27%
80 0.007 180 32%
100 0.0055 140 30%
150 0.0046 115 37%
200 0.0033 84 33%
250 0.0024 60 36%
400 0.0018 45 36%
700 0.0012 30 25%
Shower system Filters

Wire Mesh filters

100 mesh .0055 140 30% 30

Can give sizes from 50 microns to 200 microns and custom requirements.

As paper machinery supplier, we provide a wide range of paper machine filters including Gve filters and wire mesh filters.

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