Automatic Multiplex filters
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Shower System Filters

We provide a wide variety of quality paper machine shower system filters .
Shower system Filters

Multiplex Filter ? 800 Lpm With Internal/External Backwash

Paper Machinery Consumables
Duplex Filter, Gve Filters

To Backwash

Backwash in necessitated due to clogged filter element. This is indicated by reduced pressure at outlet header. Follow the below mentioned procedure.

Close the Inlet and open Drain valve as shown in the sketch. Water enters from the Outlet header to inside of the filters and comes out through the openings of the filter wire. During this operation, all the dirt adhering to the filter will be flushed out and goes to drain

After one or two minutes of back washing, close the drain valve and open the inlet valve.
Automatic Multiplex filters

External Cleaning Of Filter

After Removal of Filter from unit, use a brass brush to clean the Outer Surface. Use mild caustic and clean it thoroughly using high pressure water. Replace unit carefully and tighten flanges, connect hose pipe.

Duplex Filters


Do not use Acid on Filter Element. This may cause damage to Filter element.

Shower system Filters
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