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Alliance International is a leading pulp and paper machinery supplier. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

Stock preparation - Waste Paper

Paper Machine baskets

Paper Machine Baskets

We give you a good product in a shortest possible time! A good product starts from bit by bit. Stress on the particulars and make an industrial product as an artware 30PS Outflow fine screening basket.

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Separator Screening Basket

Stock preparation Waste Paper 30PS Outflow Fine Screening Basket

Wedge wire basket helps the customer acquire high efficient pulp and the slot width made narrower. We have made extensive research to the wedge profile and focused on more than ten wedge wire baskets in different width and corrugated depth to meet the need of different rotary-wings and pulps. Through very many statistics, facts show the wedge wire basket has become optimum equipment in the recycled pulp treatment production. ADS-100 separator screening basket.

Pulp and Paper Machinery Stock preparation Waste Paper fine screening basket

Paper Machinery Components

Separator Screening Basket ADS - 100 Separator Screening Basket

It is very important to prevent the corrugated wire from wearing due to much impurities during pulp screening process. We utilize special technique to increase the thickness of the wearing coat from conventional 0.1-0.15mm to 0.25-0.5mm in thickness. Thus the expectant life is extended three times and more. The customer needn’t worry about the troublesome of replacing the cylinder frequently.

Stock preparation Waste Paper

fine screening basket fine screening basket Stock preparation Waste Paper

To ensure the screening efficiency and better life of the basket, it is extremely important to keep the space in good uniformity between the rotary wing and the basket. It is difficult to do it. We ensure the cylindrical deviation within 0.5mm.

Paper Machine baskets Paper Machine baskets

Paper Machine baskets 600 Outflow fine screening basket

fine screening basket 1000 Outflow fine screening basket

The customer may often meet with the problem of breakage at the welding point in the basket. Multi point numerical welding technique offers not only smart looking, but also reducing the stress distortion caused by heating to the minimum. Besides, we have other integral method. We guarantees that no weld point will break under normal working condition.

Paper Machine baskets

The corrugated screen plate is most suitable for rebuilding the traditional equipment. It can energize the old equipment.

Stock preparation Waste Paper

The thick orifice plate made by conventional electric welding has the problem of uneven orifice layout, internal coarseness and bad accuracy. We use large numerical high speed multi axle drilling machine in making the orifice plate. Thus orifice is smooth internally. The orifice space and internal geometric profile are guaranteed. Varied large surface net plate and water filtering plate are optional within 2000 x 6000mm.

Pulp and Paper Machinery

Stock preparation Waste Paper Outfolw Corrugated Orifice Screening Plate

Major technical data

Paper Machine baskets Range of basket diameter: 0 1600 mm
fine screening basket Range of screen plate: 2000 x 6000 mm
Paper Machine baskets Minimum slot width: 0.10 mm
fine screening basket Min. orifice diameter: 0.8 mm
Paper Machine baskets Material: SUS316L, SUS316, SUS304/321
Stock preparation Waste Paper Wearing layer thickness: 0.2 0.5 mm
Paper Machine baskets Basket cylindrical accuracy: 0.5 mm
fine screening basket Electric-chemical polish: no fiber stringing

Production capacity

Paper Machinery Components Wedge wire basket: 2000 sets / annual
fine screening basket Orifice plate: 4000 square meter / annual
Pulp and Paper Machinery Slot plate: 1000 square meter / annual
fine screening basket Other basket: 1000 sets / annual
Paper Machine baskets UV-500 Wedge wire basket
Paper Machine baskets Slot fiber separator screening plate
Separator Screening Basket Orifice fiber separator screening plate

Paper Machine baskets

The advantages of Wedge Wire Type of Screen Baskets such as follows

 Filter Increase the open area, save the energy consumption and save the operating cost.
Paper Machinery Supplier Good in screen bars' arrangement in order to increase the efficiency of the treatment in a certain stock pulp level and increase the speed of stock pulp through the screen basket.
Paper Machine baskets An unique profile, it can be applied in a high consistency of screening equipment, prevent some clogging / plug in a very wide range of operating consistency and minimize the dilution water consumption.
Nozzles Especially for high quality of paper product, at the same time can remove the contaminants effectively, such as : spots, sticky, hot melt, etc and can improve the paper machine running efficiency and quality.
Paper Machinery Supplier Special structural design and surface treatment can extend the lifetime of screen baskets, of course, reduce the procurement cost.

The advantages of Bar Type of Screen Baskets such as follows

Besides has the advantages as same as Wedge Wire Type, but also has a better strength due to its different manufacturing method by use of Water Jet Technology which the Advanced Design Technology.

fine screening basket Separator Screening Basket

aillance international UV - 500 Wedge wire Basket

aillance international Slot Fiber Separator Screening Plate
fine screening basket Orifice Fiber Separator Screening Plate
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