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Blade Holder, YSYB Holder

Blade Holder

ASTE-YSA Air-cell Dual Blades Device

ualblades means using two air-cell blades at the same time. The purpose of the blade is to erase the water and the dirt on the roller surface. From a microscopic point of view, there are many uneven holes on the surface of the roller and the friction surface of the blade. While operating, the water and the dirt will run to the back of the blade through the holes. Though sometimes they can be taken away by the paper, most times, they stick on the back of the blade, and form a large mass. The drop of these masses will cause the break of the paper and the expensive stop of the machine. Especially on the stone roller on the press part, this problem is very serious. Apart from this, adding pressure on the blade will cause negative pressure on the back of the blade, which will cause piling dirt on the front of the blade and influence the quality of the paper.

The technique of dual blades is to solve this problem, which is to install No.2 blade at the back of No.1 blade, to scrape the dirt of the back of No.1 blade.

Doctor Blades Systems
Doctor Blades Systems


Make even and parallel touch between the blade and the roller through the air cell, to prevent from damaging the roller.

Through decompressing, adjust the air pressure to control the line pressure.

The thickness of the blade may range from 0.1mm to 6mm, 10,000-blade changing strategy.

The application of the ASTE-YSB blade device can effectively solve the balance of the three elements (line pressure, material and angel) and solve the problem of cleaning which is coming with the development of the paper making technology.

Blade Holder, YSYB Holder


The most simple and widely used blade holder on the paper making machine.

Adding pressure depends on self weight, and generally manually lift and close the blade. But on some important occasions, we can temper the line pressure, lift the blade and add the pressure from long distance depending on the air tank. Such as, the blade used on the tension roller of the net part and the blade used on the paper falling cylinder on the drying part.

Temper the blade pressure through the micro adjusting screw.

Blade Holder, YSYB Holder

ASTE-YSD Creping Blade Device

The blade holder has step structure. The blade holder with obturation oil pressure tube can offer full breadth of soft touch between the blade and the roller, guarantee the firmness of the holder while touching and offer the high quality and steady crepe.

The blade is made of high standard spring carbon material. The blade has long life, and its friction degree ranges from 80 mm to 125 mm.

Doctor Blades Systems


The most reliable and common blade holder designed by Yasheng Company.

The most competitive price and the fastest lead times.

Blade Holder, YSYB Holder
Creping Blade Device Blade Holder, YSYB Holder

ASTE - YSYA Holder

ASTE - YSYB Holder
Doctor Blades Systems

ASTE - YSYC Holder

Durable blade materials prolong normal operation time

The scraping function of the blade is getting more and more important when paper making machine is running faster and faster. It naturally demands blades functioning properly in every part of the paper making machine; only in this way can avoid expensive stopping and improve the production line efficiency and prolong the normal operation time.

To achieve the best scraping results, blade material must satisfy the demands of technology, consist with the property of the blade and have a certain duration and stiffness. And the blade's external form must adapt to the surface of the rollers to achieve the best shoveling and scraping result. The correct property of the blade ensures the best using effect on all production conditions.

EP blades range from composite blades, carbon fiber blades, and coating blades, repairing blades, blue steel blades, ceramic blades and polymer blades. We have a wide range of blades for your choice. We can meet any possible demand in paper making industry.

The basic technological principles of installing blade devices

The technological principles abided by in selecting blade material:

Creping Blade Device Chilled iron casting roller cannot use stainless blades.
Blade Holder, YSYB Holder Chromium roller cannot use bronze blade.
Doctor Blades Systems Steel roller cannot use steel blade.
Pulp and Paper Machinery Copper roller cannot use metal blade.
Blade Holder, YSYB Holder Composite rubber roll cannot use metal blade.
Pulp and Paper Machinery Must change new blade before increasing blade pressure.

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