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Doctor Blades Systems

Doctor Blades Systems

Doctor & Doctor Blade Safety

Doctors and doctor blades should be treated with respect and caution to avoid the risk of serious injury.

All doctor blades, particularly worn blades, may be sharp and must be handled with care. Always use proper personal protection equipment when handling blades to avoid injury to you or your co-workers.

Doctor systems are not designed as steps or walkways. To avoid the risk of serious injury, do not use doctor backs as a step or walkway. Walking on the doctor may also result in damage that adversely affects its proper operation.

Use caution around doctors during installation and maintenance. Doctor backs are likely to rotate unexpectedly if disconnected from positioning devices such as pressure rigs, air cylinders, or torque arms. Use proper rigging procedures when handling doctors.

Always install/replace doctor retaining collars on journals after installation/maintenance is complete to prevent doctors from disengaging from support bearings. Use supplementary safety rigging during maintenance that requires removal of collars.

Always follow proper lockout-tagout procedures when working on doctor oscillators, control panels, PLC?s or other electrical components.

Do not modify, weld or machine the doctor back.
Do not change blades on or near rotating rolls.
Keep hands and body clear of nip points and oscillation movement.
Establish a regular inspection and maintenance schedule to detect and repair worn parts.
Follow all mill safety policies.

As a leading paper machinery supplier, we provide Doctor Baldes Systems.
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