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Press & Dryer Parts

We provide press & dryer parts including suction press rolls, granite rolls, dryer felts and dryer screens.

Dryer Felts / Screens

We provide dryer felts and dryer screens including Single Layer, Double Layer, Tri Layer, Chemical Treatment, Paper Making Felt and Pulp Making Felt
Dryer Screens

Double Layer


Double layer BOM include 1+1 complex structure double BOM and double warp structure BOM. 1+1 complex structure BOM is congruenced by two kinds of base cloth. According paper machine and paper, to change the structure of base cloth. It has the characters of anti-high pressure, good elasticity and filterability, stable size, small elongation, great strength, affective to eliminate grooving, vaccum mark blind hole mark and other marks. Suitable to vaccum press, kinds of complex press and other presses for producing high grade offset paper, and kinds of high grade paper and paper board etc.


Single LayerPaper machine: kinds of paper machine
aillance internationalSpeed: 100m/min
Double Layer Dryer FeltsPaper: 8g/m kinds of Paper
Press Dryer PartsLinear pressure: 100kN/m
Granite RollsStrength: 3000N/5cm

Double Layer Dryer Felts
Double Layer Dryer Felts One Struchure of 1+1 Complex BOM  
One Struchure of Double Wrap BOM One Struchure of 1+1 Complex BOM  
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