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We provide press & dryer parts including suction press rolls, granite rolls, dryer felts and dryer screens.
Granite Rolls

Granite Rolls

We supply Granite Rolls.

This group has been formed from molten or partly molten material i.e. from magma. Lava is a form of magma that has cooled and solidified on the surface of the earth. Granite is a igneous rock that has cooled and crystallized below the earth's surfaces, having a fine to coarse-grained mineral structure. It is a "Siliceous" based stone. Composed primarily of quartz, feldspar, and other accessory minerals.

Granite is endowed with a unique elegance. Throughout the centuries this stone has excited admiration for its beauty and time defying characteristics. Granite is a noble stone.


Common Rock-Forming Mineral Group

Feldspar, quartz, and small amounts mica are the primary minerals of the average granite with minor accessory minerals.


Mohs' Scale 5 - 7
Porosity %
0.4 - 1.5

Absorption % 0.2 - 0.5
Weathering Characteristics
Generally good to excellent. However, like any other material it has its vulnerable points...Some varieties contain ferrous mineral compounds that when continuously exposed to moisture, such as in marine coastal environments, will undergo mineralogical changes and being to produce discoloration's (rust spots)...In exterior applications, depending on the environmental conditions and the finish, darker granites, those with red and black minerals, have a tendency to fade somewhat

Absorbs oils and some will absorb other liquids...Generally not affected by acidic foods and drinks, however, polished granites can be etched by hydrofluoric acid and concentrated acids which are found in some household cleaning products...Some granite varieties when used in water features (spas and fountains), will begin to show signs of deterioration in a few years.

Granite is found in more than a hundred distinct colors with varying patterns


When granite is used in the kitchen and bathroom it is highly recommended to treat the stone with a oil repellent...The grain size varies with this stone, from small, medium to coarse. This is important to understand for two reasons...1. With larger mineral grains or a combination of different grain sizes, the stone has a tendency to be more absorbent...2. Some varieties are composed with a combination of different grain sizes. This natural characteristic is more noticeable in highly polished finishes. The surface of the stone may appear to have tiny random pitting and a question that is often asked," is the finish of this granite defective in some way", and the answer is usually no. A real tight finish is not completely attainable with some of these varieties of granites. This characteristic is often not detected by viewing small samples of the stone...With textured exterior installations it is advisable to treat the stone with a water and soil repellent. Many of the texturing processes create and expose micro fractures in the stones surface increasing the absorption factor of the stone.

Granite is an igneous rock, formed mainly by the crystallization of once molten material under conditions of extreme heat and pressure. Commercially, various stones of volcanic origin with different characteristics from true granites, such as pegmatite, diorite, larvikytes (labradorite) and syenites, are sold as "granites". The properties of granite, that make it the ideal stone surface, are its hardness and inherent resistance to acid which means granites are not 'attacked" by the acids normally present in foods and cleaning products. Yet granite is a porous stone and requires proper sealing with a silicone based impregnator to prevent staining.

Granite, from igneous rock, is a very hard, crystalline, and primarily composed of feldspar, quartz accompanied by one or more dark minerals. It is visibly homogeneous intexture.

The principal characteristics of granite also include high load bearing capacity, crushing strength, abrasive strength, amenability to cutting and shaping without secondaryflaws.


In terms of its physical properties granite is a unique material. These properties lending uniquenesstograniteare:

Suction Press Rolls Porosity/permeability
Granite has almost negligible porosity ranging between 0.2 to 4%.

Press Dryer Parts Granite Rolls Thermal Stability
Granite is thermally highly stable, so it shows no changes with the changing temperature. Granite is impervious to weathering from temperature and even from the air borne chemicals. It is the highly resistance to chemical erosion .

Paper Mill Machinery Co-efficient of expansion
The co-efficient of expansion for granite varies from 4.7x10-6 - 9.0x10-6(inch x inch).

Press Dryer Parts Granite Rolls Variegation
Granite shows consistency in color and texture.

Dryer Felts Hardness
It is the hardest natural stone and hardness of granite that lends it excellent wear.

Dryer Screens Granite Composition
Granite is formed of quartz and orthoclase or microcline. The principal constituents of granite are :
  • Feldspar
  • Quartz
  • Biotite
The percentage composition of each varies and accordingly impart different color and texture to the final product. The percentage composition of feldspar varies between 65-90%, of quartz can extend from 10 to 60% and that of biotite lies between 10 to 15%.

Chemical Properties of Granite

Granite is primarily composed of feldspar, quartz along with various other minerals in varying percentage, which are stated as follows: Nominal chemical composition of various oxides




11- 14%

Potassium Oxide(P2O5)

3 - 5%


3 - 5%






1 - 3%


5 - 1%


Less than 1%(.38%)


Press Dryer Parts Granite Rolls

Technical Data Of Granite Roll

Maximum Diameter : 1250 mm
Maximum Face Length : 5500 mm
Maximum Operating Speed : 600 mpm

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Press Dryer Parts Granite Rolls
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