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Multiplex filters & Automatic Multiplex filters

Multiplex Filter Consists of 3 or more filter units valved in parallel to common headers. The special feature of these filters iis the ability to sequentially backwash each unit in place, while the others remain onstream.

For complete uniform cleaning of the back water and long operation between backwashing and equal and maximum pressure differential is maintained for effective backwashing.

Shower system Filters

Principle of Operation of Automatic filters

This system incorporates both automatic and manual back washing facility. The system consists of a control assembly and solenoid valves that supply air signals to pneumatic valve actuator on each individual filter unit. As fibres and other contaminants collect on the filter elements, The flow of water becomes restricted, this increases the pressure differential across the elements and thus between the Inlet & Outlet headers of the system. When this differential pressure reaches a preset level, the system is activated by the pressure switch and starts the back backwash the first filter element.

As soon as the first element is cleaned and back outstream each successive element is backwashed in sequence until all are cleaned. The controls are reset and element is backwashed in sequence until all are cleaned. The controls are reset and awaits next command to backwash initiated by the differential pressure.

A timer provided enables to select frequency of backwash say every 8 hrs or 10 hrs depending on the quality of water. This keeps the filter always clean and prevents major stoppage due to emergency clogging & other system failures.

If backwashing is needed in between the set timing a provision is made in the panel to initiate the sequence by pressing a auto override button. The sequence of backwashing takes place and controls are automatically reset.

The control assembly is housed in a panel box. All timers have digital LED display and are adjustable as per specific requirements.

Automatic Multiplex filters

Automatic Multiplex Filters

Automatic Multiplex Filters
Paper Machinery Consumables

Automatic Multiple filters Operation

Filter 2 Shows the flow of water during normal operation. When normally open solenoid valves B will be open and solenoid valves C will be closed.

Filter 1 shows the flow of water during backwash when solenoid valves B will be closed and solenoid valves C will be open.

After one or two minutes of set time of the solenoid valves C will close and solenoid valves B will open and put the filter back in operation.

Valves indicate as ?A? are SS two way valves which are always open and will be used when any filter is taken out for cleaning or maintenance..

All the solenoid valves opening and closing are controlled by a timer with preset timing. The timer could be altered to suit your own requirements.

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