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Shower Systems

We provide quality paper machine showers systems including schematic diagrams, stationary showers, starch spay showers, oscillating showers, tube in tube showers and more.
Fabric Cleaning

Perfect Cleaning Of Fabric By Micro travel

The latest travel in fabric cleaning is use of Micro travel slow moving oscillators which is installed in many mills today.

The relationship of movement to the surface to be cleaned by the shower commonly known as matched speed oscillation is achieved by this shower. The graph below shows the cleaning pattern of a random speed and matched speed oscillator.

The pneumatic oscillators and electro mechanical oscillators with flywheel & cam systems are essentially high speed devices and their inefficiency in cleaning is clearly illustrated below.

Shower is designed in such a way to enable removal on the run. We offer a slotted tube unit, whereby the outer carrier tube is permanently fixed across the paper machine. Either with brackets or with loose flanges welded to support brackets, the inner spray pipe is oscillated across the sprayed surface using either pneumatic or electro mechanical variable speed oscillator. The shower pipe can be easily removed for maintenance or repair on running condition with the slotted tube remaining in position.

Matched Speed
Shower systems  
Machine Speed
200 Meters

Fabric Length
20 Meters

Fabric RPM 10

6 Seconds For Each Fabric Revolution

Fabric Run
  6 Seconds To Pass
Through 1 MM

  Random Speed

Graph Showing Cleaning Patter's Of Ordinary
Shower (Pneumatic Etc.)And Micro Travel Shower

Large areas of fabric remain unclean for long periods of time. The dwell also plays A vital part in wet streaks at ends often mistaken to poor shower quality or nozzle quality.

Electro mechanical Variable speed oscillators provide a solution to the above problems. The control panel accepts a machine signal either (0-10 or 4020 ma), such that the oscillator cleaning of fabric by the shower pipe.

A simple equation given below will be a guide line to decide linear speed for a given machine speed.

Machine Speed m/min
Fabric length meters


Fabric speed 200 m/min = 10 RPM ie One Rev in
Fabric length 20 mts. 6 secs.

Time taken for 1mm = 6 secs.
If stroke length is 200 = time taken is 200x6
                   = 1200 secs ie 20 Minutes

The pitch of nozzle is always the stroke length/2 to achieve double cleaning of fabric. An oscillator with 125-150mm pitch of nozzle should be ideal for most conditions. But with increased use of waste paper furnish and multilayer fabrics being dense a closer pitch of 100 is recommended to reduce cleaning time and have effective cleaning of fabric.

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