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Alliance International is a leading pulp and paper mill machinery supplier. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

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We provide paper machine, assemblies and components including pocket ventilation and hoods. Details given below.

Pocket Ventilation & Hood

Closed Hood with High Dew Point & High Heat Insulating Efficiency

The wall panels of closed hood is constructed like sandwich, which can reduce the heat transfer to a great extent so as to make sure best insulating effect.

The temperature of exhaust air from closed hood is 82~85C, its dew point from 58.5 to 62C, its humidity l40-l60gH,O/kgd.a.

The specially designed elevating and protective device for take-up door ensures smoothness, stability and safety while the take-up door is rising.

The control system of closed hood functions automatically according to the changes of air data (dew-point, zero level, temperature, speed change by frequency), so as to keep the hood in best operation status.

Pocket Ventilation & Hoods

Heat Recovery System

Heat recovery system includes two types, air-air heat exchange and air-water heat exchange. The multi-step heat recovery unit can fully utilize the energy after being best combined based on the requirements of environment and process technology.

Air-Air heat recovery unit heats the air by using the remaining exhaust heat from hood so as to reach the purpose of recovering the heat energy. The heat recovery unit is in pipe-laid structure, which is easy to clean and lasts a long life. The pipe and the panel is connected by the expanded pipe or special rubber-alloy joint.

Air-Water heat recovery unit heats the process water or ventilating water by using the heat of exhaust air. It has direct and indirect heat exchanging types.

Yankee Dryers Pocket Ventilation & Hoods Pocket Ventilation & Hoods

High Velocity Hot Air Yankee Dryer

High velocity hot air Yankee dryer is designed for high-speed tissue machine or special paper machine.

Specially-designed nozzles are manufactured to high tolerances which make sure even air distribution.

Working speed: 500m/min~2200m/min.

Adding thermal medium types:steam, electric auxiliary thermal, fuel oil or fuel gas.

Well-matched outside hot air recycling system.

Pocket Ventilation & Hoods