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We supply stock preparation agro based products for pulp and paper machinery.

Precoat Filter (yg118)

This model has a capacity of 118 m2 as the largest scale and highest capacity in the world It is mainly used for lime mud washing and thickening for recaustisizing plant in alkali recovery system.
  Precoat Filter Competitive precoat technology
  Pressure Knotter Auto discharge mechanism
  Mc Pressure Screen Hi-pac continuous sprayer to remover precoat layer
  Agro Based Products Precoat Filter High dryness: Auto scraper only removes cake's surface, the surface layer dryness can reach 75% or above under higher vacuum condition Excellent compatibility
  Pressure Knotter After small modifications, it can used for material washing and solid-liquor separation in mineral, chemical, medicine and foodstuff industries.
  Agro Based Products Precoat Filter FIt can be locally or remotely controlled by DCS. In the DCS it can be manually or automatically controlled. Auto operation consists of normal start-up, trouble shooting and stop. There are process interlocking, fault alarm and manual start and stop and valves.
Precoat Filter (yg118)
Main Data
Filtration area 118m2
Drum size(Dia xL) 4110x9190mm
Drum speed 1~5r/min
Inlet consistency 23%~28%
Discharge consistency ≥75%(wood)
Residual alkali content ≤0.5%
Capacity 800t/d(bone dry lime mud)
Vacuum 0.07~0.085Mpa
Main motor power 22kw
Agitator power 7.5kw
Agitating frequency 16r/min
mm 11807x5465x5100
External dimension(L *W*H)
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