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Alliance International is a leading Pulp and Paper Mill Machinery supplier. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

Paper Machine Vaccum Pump

We supply high quality paper machine vaccum pump. Details are given below.
Paper mill machinery

Vaccum Pump Products

Vaccum Pump Products

Paper Machine alliance international Operating Principle

Operating Principle

Schematic Layout

Vaccum Pump Products Schematic Layout

Material Selection Chart
Gx Standard Csat Iron-260m with Rotor in S.G Iron/ Ductile Iron
Gxs Rotor & Control in 304/316 Stainless Steel, Shaft in 410 SS.
Gxsc Body-Cladded with 316 SS , Head- Cladded with 316 SS , Rotor & Control Cones-304/316 SS , Shaff in 410 SS
Optional 316L,410 SS, Ph Bronze Alloy-20

Vaccum Pump Products Material Selection Chart

Solid Cast Stainless
Steel - Head
Solid Cast Stainless Steel - Body Solid Cast Stainless
Steel - Rotor

Testing Standards
Each Pump is Subject to Rigorous Test Runs at our Solid Concreted Test Bed Facilities in Accordance with BS 1571 PT - 2/BS 726/AHI Authenticating the Power, Vacuum and Air Displacements Parameters. Each Pump is Certified for its Performances.

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Paper Machine alliance international Operating Principle
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