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Alliance International is a leading Pulp and Paper Mill Machinery supplier. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

Paper Machine Vaccum Pump

We supply high quality paper machine vaccum pump. Details are given below.
Paper mill machinery

World Wide Quality

Paper Machine

Consistent Quality & Reliability is Assured by manufacturing plants certified to ISO 9001 2000 standards.

Together with our customers

Garuda Pumps has been making pumps for over 25 years. Research and Development has been focused on meeting the requirements of different industries. Garuda Pumps works closely with its clients Vacuum Parameteres so as to offer the most Power Efficient Pumps.

Paper Machine
Reliable and Innovative Design

Quality products, High Efficiency and Easy Maintenance distinguish Garuda pumps from other manufacturers. Continual R & D has resulted in innovations like Ceramic/ Dynamic coated sleeves, One piece Stain less Steel Cladding in the Casing, Vacuum Piping engineering enabling Garuda Pumps to be S uperior & Value Additions.

Reliable and Innovative Design
Garuda Pumps - All Pumps Tested

The effective quality control procedure at Garuda Pumps includes Vacuum, Power, Capacity Measurement test for each pump at the state of the art test bed facilities in our factory. Each pump is tested for its Efficiency at specific vacuum levels. Our customers are welcome to witness these tests at our factories

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