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Alliance International is a leading pulp and paper machinery supplier including paper machinery components. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery including Doctor Baldes Systems.

Shower System Nozzles

We provide a wide variety of quality paper machine showers system nozzles including Trim Squirt Nozzles, Trim Knock – Off Nozzles, Mist Shower Nozzles, Spoon Type Nozzles, Fanjet Fine Spray Nozzles, Starch Spray Nozzle, High Pressure Nozzles, Nozzles Discs For Cleaning Brush Shower, Self Cleaning Nozzles.
Paper Machinery Components

Self Cleaning Nozzles

The construction is of a rubber diaphragm loaded with spring where the water which passes through the throat is throttled to give a ?V? shaped notch which acts as a fanjet orifice at 30 angles. If clogged, the accumulated dirt falls off with the spring pushing the diaphragm, thus opening the notch. These nozzles are normally used as knock-off showers on wire section of paper machine. White water with low PPM may also be used.

Self Cleaning Nozzles
Self Cleaning Nozzles Self Cleaning Nozzles

Water Consumption

Jet size Pressure Lts/min
2.5mm 2 Kgs 2.35
6 Kgs 6.20
10 Kgs 10.51

Material : SS 304, 316, Brass
Connection : ? BSP 3/4? BSP Male
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