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We provide press & dryer parts including suction press rolls, granite rolls, dryer felts and dryer screens.

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We provide dryer felts and dryer screens including Single Layer, Double Layer, Tri Layer, Chemical Treatment, Paper Making Felt and Pulp Making Felt
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Single Layer


Single-layer BOM is made of single-layer base cloth layer and fiber layer. The base cloth layer is made of nylon yarn or warp and weft weave by doubling monofilament. The stitch structure designed by different paper machine, different positron and different paper. According the structure of BOM to lay the fiber. Having the characteristics of good filterability, small elongation, easy to wash and clean, light mark, affective to eliminate grain mark and other marks, long life and so on. Widely used for kinds of paper machine to product kinds of paper & paper board.


alliance internationalPaper machine: kinds of paper machine
Single Layer Dryer FeltsSpeed: 500m/min
alliance international Dryer ScreensPaper: 8g/m kinds of Paper
Single Layer Dryer FeltsLinear pressure: 100kN/m
alliance international Dryer ScreensStrength: 2000N/5cm

Single Layer Dryer Felts

Single Layer Dryer Felts
One structure of the single-layer BOM  

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