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Paper Machinery Components

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Stock preparation - Agro Based Products

We supply stock preparation agro based products for pulp and paper machinery.
Single Screw Press

Single Screw Press

This equipment is mainly used for black liquor extracting, installed under the blowing tank, extracting black liquor from pulp through the mechanical extrusion action of the diameter change screw. Black liquor will go to the black liquor tank through screen. The discharge consistency can be adjusted by the backpressure device at the outlet.
Advantages and Characteristics  
  Multi-Disc Filters, Vacuum Washer The distributing valve is plane film sealed, increasing vacuum
  Stock preparation - Agro Based Products The angle of the valve key is adjustable to adapt different kinds of pulps
  Single Screw Press Plane distributing valve occupies less area, compact structure, convenient to repair
  Multi-Disc Filters, Vacuum Washer The corrugated plate increases effective filter area, preventing back flow and "screen blocking"
  Paper Machinery Components The speed of main drive is changeable through frequency conversion, electric energy consumption can be reduced
  Stock preparation - Agro Based Products Being supported by rolling bearing at two ends makes it run steadily
Single Screw Press
Types SP450 SP600 SP750 SP750LM SP1000 SP1000LM
Screw diameter(mm) 450 600 750 750 1000 1000
Screw rotate speed(r/min) 10~33 0~33 10~33 20~50 10~30 20~50
Capacity(Vd Air dried pulp ~50 50~100 100~200 150~250 200~350 300~400
Motor power(KW) 55 90 160 250 315 355
Feed dryness(%) 4~8 4~8 4~8 4~8 4~8 4~8
Discharge dryness(%) 30~40 30~40 30~40 30~40 30~40 30~-40
External dimension(mm) 6220*1600*
Gross weight of the equipment(kg) 4800 6800 9000 14000 18000 24000
Main Technical Parameter  
  Single Screw Press Applicable pulps: straw pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wood pulp, etc.
  Multi-Disc Filters, Vacuum Washer Production capacity: 30~200t/d
  Single Screw Press Feed consistency: 10~12%
  Stock preparation - Agro Based Products Discharge consistency: 30~40%
  Parameter (mm) (t/d) (KW) (t)
Types Screw diameter Capacity Mating motor power Net weight
ZLY900 900 40 22 14
ZLY1000 1000 50 30 19
ZLY1100 1100 70 37 24
ZLY1200 1200 100 55 27
ZLY1500 1500 150 75 32
Take straw pulp production as an example

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