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Alliance International is a leading pulp and Paper Mill Machinery Products supplier including paper machinery components. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

Stock preparation - Agro Based Products

We supply stock preparation agro based products for pulp and paper machinery.

Slg Double Screw Multifunction Pulping Machine

Using several positive and negative screw casings on the mandrel, the equipment compresses and pushes forward the stock. High extrusion pressure splits the fiber, promoting the infiltration of chemical liquor and the separation of fibers, fibrillating the fiber. Meanwhile the screw vertical or horizontal interpenetration improves the mixing of the stock with chemical liquor, achieving uniform grounding and continuous pulping.
  Multifunction Pulping Machine High consistency grounding (30%~40%), less fiber cutting.
  Pressure Disc Filter, Precoat Filter Low energy consumption, fully utilizing friction heat, saving energy.
  Pulp Process equipments Combining the pulping, bleaching, beating and washing functions in one machine
  alliance international Can be used for long fiber bark pulp and short fiber stalk pulp
  Multi-Disc Filters, Single Screw Press Simplifying the process, less equipment and infrastructure investment
Pressure Disc Filter (VPL93)
Parameter Types SLG78 SLG120 SLG180 SLG240
Screw diameter (mm) 78 120 180 240
Rotate Speed (r/min) 300~422 300~422 300~422 300~422
Motor power (KW) 75 280 400 500-1000
Capacity (t/d) 5~10 20~40 50~80 90~150
Note: Frequency control motor is optional
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