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We provide press & dryer parts including suction press rolls, granite rolls, dryer felts and dryer screens.

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We provide dryer felts and dryer screens including Single Layer, Double Layer, Tri Layer, Chemical Treatment, Paper Making Felt and Pulp Making Felt
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Tri Layer


On the base of former felt, the felt is treated special chemicals, that is called chemical-treatment paper making felt, which is better in characters, it includes anti-dirt chemical-treatment felt, anti-fussing and wear-resistant chemical-treatment felt. Having the characters of anti-high-pressure, anti-dirt and anti-fussing and wear-resistant, clean ondself and easy to wash and clean, long life. Suitable for kinds of paper and paper board and other high grade tissue paper, special paper etc. The felt is used for middle and high-speed machine specially, which substitute for imported felts.


aillance internationalPaper machine: kinds of high speed paper machine
Tri Layer Dryer FeltsSpeed: 400m/min
Press Dryer PartsPaper: 40g/m news paper, offset paper fine paper board
Tri Layer Dryer FeltsLinear pressure: 200kN.m
Dryer ScreensStrength: 4000N/5cm

Tri Layer Dryer Felts
One Struchure of Tri - Layer Bom One Struchure of Tri - Layer Bom  
One Struchure of Tri - Layer Bom One Struchure of Tri - Layer Bom  

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