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Alliance International is a leading pulp and Paper Mill Machinery Products supplier including paper machinery components. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery.

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We supply stock preparation agro based products for pulp and paper machinery.

Twin Roll Displacement Press

Individual machine has a capacity of 2000 adt/d for wood pulp. Wenrui is the only supplier of wash press for this capacity in China.
It is a black liquor extracting and thickening equipment, which can make continuous dewatering displacement, washing, pressing, and discharging under the action of pressure. The unique design and innovative technology make it possess incomparable reliability and perfect performance. This equipment can be used for extracting black liquor from straw pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wood pulp, waste paper pulp and etc. It can also be used for washing and thickening bleached pulp.

  Twin Roll Displacement Press Using international advanced hydraulic drive system, pulp distributing system and washing system. It is featured with High automation, stable operation, high capacity, high outlet consistency, less occupation and less water consumption. It is key equipment for pulp and paper industry to achieve production with less water and energy consumption in efficient way, perform alkali recovery, and resolve waster water pollution.
  Multi-Disc Filters Combined with washing, dewatering and displacing press. It can meet production requirements for 200 thousand to 1,200 thousand ton Kraft wood pulp per year or 50 thousand to 200 thousand ton straw pulp per year.
  Twin Roll Displacement Press Fully improved pulp feeding structure to reach better distributing effect.
  Corrugated Plate Brand-new seal and scraper mechanism. Operate with good sealing and easy control.
  Vacuum Washer Larger filtration area and displacement function, better pulp washing effect.
  Single Screw Press Sweden hydraulic drive system with stable and liable running.
  Twin Roll Displacement Press Modern control system for remote control.
Twin Roll Displacement Press
Project backup
In the white water recovery system, the rotate speed of multi-disc filter, long fiber bedding pulp and white water proportion directly affects the effect and output of the whitewater recovery. According to the characteristics of the equipment and the process, we developed complete control software package, enable the customers to get a good return from limited investment.
Parameter Type Length of the roll Diameter of the roll Rotate speed of roll Feed consistency (%) Discharge Consistency (%) Production capacity
Straw pulp Bamboo pulp Wood pulp
SJA (B) 712 1200 Φ700 2~20 3.5~10 20~35 30~40 60~80 80~100
SJA (B) 915 1500 Φ900 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 40~60 85~120 130~160
SJA (B) 920 2000 Φ900 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 55~85 125~160 175-210
SJA (B) 928 2820 Φ900 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 80~120 165~220 250~300
SJA (B) 935 3500 Φ900 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 1l0~150v 220~310 310~370
SJA (B) 940 4000 Φ900 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 120~170 285~350 350~400
SJA (B) 945 4500 Φ900 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 160~180 285~350 400~480
SJA (B)1532 3200 Φ1500 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 220~350 450~600 700~800
SJA (B)1540 4000 Φ1500 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 400~550 800~1000 1200~1500
SJA (B)1550 5000 Φ1500 3.5~10 3.5~10 20~35 500~650 1000~1300 1700~1800
SJA (B)1572 7200 Φ1500 2~15 3.5~10 20~35 750~1000 1500~1800 2500~3000

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