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Alliance International is a leading pulp and paper machinery supplier including paper machinery components. We are leading suppliers of consumables, components, assemblies and new and used paper machinery including Doctor Baldes Systems.

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We provide a wide variety of quality paper machine shower system filters .
Wire wound filters

What Is Filter

GVE Filter is a tubular, in line pressure filter with reusable elements. It protects the process by removing contaminants from liquids.
Automatic Multiplex filters

Filter Details

Single Filters are offered with flow rates as per customer requirement upto 1000 Lpm. Duplex Filters consists of two simple Filter units connected in parallel through two way ball valves. Duplex Filters are rated for the same output (in Lpm) as Single Filter as most applications one filter unit is valved offstream for cleaning (backwashing) while the other filter in operation continues filtering.

Multiflex Filter consists of two or more Single filter units connected in common to a Header. Multiflex Filters can be designed to handle high flow rates ie, 5000 Lpm. Or as per specific requirement.
Duplex Filter

Principle Of Operation

Unfiltered liquid enters the inlet (bottom). If flows upward around and through the stainless steel mesh (selected for every application) which is reinforced by a perforated stainless steel pipe. Filtered water discharges through the outlet. Because of the flow of water from outside to inside, solids collect on the outside of the filtering element making it easy to clean.

Principle Of Operation
Wire wound filters

Filter Construction - Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Filtering elements are made of Stainless steel reinforced by stainless steel backing. These wire mesh provide maximum open area at the same time have good solid-release properties. These filtering elements are externally supported by a stainless steel wire wound tightly for greater strength & longer life.
Filter Construction - Wire Mesh
Automatic Multiplex filters

Wire Wound filters

Wire wound filters are made by winding a continuous triangular shaped wire around a series of vertical support flats of Fhosphor Bronze material. These flats are assembled over slotted rings and soldered to extra strength. The filter is designed in such a manner that it needs no backing and is very rigid. The wire wound screen like mesh has very good solid release characteristics, thus effecting good backwash cleaning.

Wire wound filters

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